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Light is the Future:

FMUV Shadowless Delivery™

Focused Multivector Ultraviolet (FMUV) is a patented light-based technology unique to PurpleSun that delivers Ultraviolet C from multiple directions to prevent shadowing and focuses the intensity for accelerating germicidal activity. This ensures complete disinfection and no pathogen resistance in 90 seconds with 96.5% effectiveness.

 The Difference:  FMUV vs. OTHER UV

PurpleSun FMUV converges from all sides creating a uniform volume of energy to accelerate germicidal kill without shadowing.


Other UV limited in performance by inverse square law – *performance decreases exponentially with distance. Design makes performance unreliable and increases time.

 Other UV 

 The Difference: 

 PS  The Space 1 modular device powered by FMUV provides 360 degree exposure for treating entire spaces

 Other UV  Competitor’s performance decreases exponentially with distance


 PS  Space 1 creates uniform energy that accelerates germicidal kill without shadowing

 Other UV  Design makes performance unreliable and increases time


 PS  Space 1 completes disinfection in 90 seconds 

 Other UV  Completion could take 20-45 minutes


 PS  96.5% effectiveness

 Other UV  Product design is subject to user error

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