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Keep Your Branding Alive through Virtual Events

Attending trade shows, conferences, and meetings was more than just an excuse to travel. It was a significant way to network, build and deepen relationships, and create brand experiences. So, now that nearly every major event is virtual, how do you create those same experiences when your attendees are coming to you from the comfort of their living rooms? And what if your company simply cannot justify the ROI of a virtual booth?

The Technology Is There – Now We Need Engagement and Experience

When the pandemic first hurled us all to our home offices and events were cancelled one by one, we thought this would just be temporary. As we approach the one-year mark, it’s clear that it will be at least fourth quarter 2021 before in-person events truly are viable again – and more likely, 2022 before the industry really begins to recover. As industry professionals, we do what we’ve always done - we pivot quickly. We’ve resolved the internet connections and camera problems; we’ve figured out how to incorporate cool technology. But how do we get our brands to stick in the heads of the people we’re trying to reach?

We need something tangible. And now that we can put on virtual events, we need to start asking the tough questions:

  • How do brands achieve the best ROI for virtual events?

  • Is a virtual exhibit booth the right answer for every brand?

  • How do you get the most visibility and maximize exposure to your target audience?

Not Every Brand Can Justify the ROI of a Virtual Booth

There are some companies for whom the virtual trade show booth isn’t a practical spend. These brands have pivoted towards showcasing their expertise with podcasts and webinars featuring KOLs – jointly created by show management and sponsors. Scientific companies often rely on posters to provide insight about what they do. And product showcases, especially with the advent of AR, can truly bring products right into the living room of every virtual attendee. Ultimately, these efforts are cross-promoted through media partners and segmented databases, giving both the shows and sponsors added visibility and reach.

Improve Event ROI through Event Sponsorship

If a sponsor’s focus is lead generation and feels that the virtual exhibit isn’t driving ROI, sponsorship of the event can be a great option. The benefits of sponsorship or partnership include:

Receiving registration contact information with unique ways to access the audience.

Ability to leverage webinar content, which can be featured on demand after the event.

Priority access for attendees to pre-schedule meetings with high-priority prospects.

Exhibitors who don’t want to have a virtual booth are finding other ways to deliver their digital content – not only through those methods previously mentioned, but also by generating pre-event banner ads, sending broadcast notifications, moderating panel discussions, and leading industry symposiums.

These partnerships, sponsorships, posters, showcases, and other alternative forms of event participation provide the tactical execution for companies to facilitate their strategic planning.

ExpoVention can help you keep your brand alive as you navigate this challenging time.

From product showcases to brand sponsorships, from posters to podcasts, we can help you remain visible, handling the time-consuming details of every event and making sure you achieve the best ROI possible for your efforts.

If you’re trying to navigate the new reality of the event industry and keep your brand in front of consumers, but don’t know where to start, get in touch.

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