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10 Features of Effective Trade Show Event Apps

Technology is pervasive in every industry, and the trade show industry is no different. With intuitive interfaces and advanced features, technology can transform the attendee experience, improve ROI, and increase engagement.

Technology is a game changer, and the right trade show event apps offer targeted lead generation and nurturing tools, allowing you to connect more effectively with your leads before, during, and after the trade show. If you’re a trade show organizer, having the right technology can encourage exhibitors and attendees to choose to attend.

Key Features of Effective Trade Show Apps

To truly maximize the benefits of your trade show app, it's important to choose an app that offers comprehensive features. Some key features to consider include:

Centralized event management that allows the event organizer to manage all event details efficiently.

Streamlined interactions that facilitate conversations and engagement between event organizers, exhibitors, attendees, and speakers.

Personalized experience that allows attendees to quickly access details about the event, including upcoming and featured sessions, ideally in a way that is personalized based on the information provided at registration.

Engagement tools that allow attendees to communicate with exhibitors before, during, and after the event. This feature will often include the ability for attendees to participate in live Q&A events, live polling, and more.

Lead generation and nurturing that  provides attendees with the ability to schedule one-on-one meetings during the event.

Lead capture solutions that integrate with the exhibitor’s CRM. Lead generation and nurturing tools enable exhibitors to identify and follow up with potential leads efficiently.

Analytics and insights to measure the success of the trade show. This includes not only data for the organizers, such as attendee engagement data, session popularity, and exhibitor interactions, but also specific analytics data on each attendee.

Security and data privacy built into the app that prioritizes security and data privacy. Look for apps that comply with industry standards and regulations.

Social media integration tool that enables attendees to share their trade show experiences, photos, or favorite sessions on their social media platforms directly from the app. This amplifies the reach of your trade show and creates buzz across a wider audience.


Engagement metrics built in that measure the number of sessions attended, bookmarks created, or social media interactions within the app is essential. These metrics indicate how actively attendees are using the app and taking advantage of its features.

Beyond Trade Show Event Apps

The best trade shows provide opportunities for companies to identify and connect with leads in and around the event as well. One company is so effective at matching exhibitors and attendees that companies choose to exhibit at their events just to take advantage of their matching expertise. In addition to offering solutions for scheduling one-on-one meetings during events, they also arrange exclusive dinners with industry leaders during the trade show.

As technology continues to evolve, trade show event apps will only become more sophisticated, offering new features and capabilities to further enhance the trade show experience. From augmented reality to personalized recommendations, event apps can make your investment in a trade show even more profitable.



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