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One-on-One Meetings Improve Trade Show Engagement

Updated: Feb 5

Many show management companies are offering one-on-one meetings as an added benefit for exhibitors. This presents an extraordinary opportunity for exhibitors to increase their level of engagement during trade shows and other events. These best practices for show managers and exhibitors can help ensure that you make the most of your one-on-one meetings.

Why One-on-One Meetings Matter

According to The Event Technology Engagement Study, 85% of event professionals agree that in-person events are important – even critical – to the success of their business. But to make live events as successful as possible, it needs to be as easy as possible for potential leads to connect with exhibitors and get the information they need. While some of that can happen simply by attending a trade show and visiting a booth, the addition of a one-on-one meeting does two things: It separates the warmest leads from the rest, and it gives the exhibitor an opportunity to customize a lead’s experience with the company.

For show managers, offering exhibitors the ability to pre-book one-on-one meetings (and having the technology in place to facilitate the pre-booking) can attract more exhibitors to your show and give you the opportunity to demonstrate a higher level of ROI for those who exhibit. Not only is this beneficial during the current year’s show but it can bring exhibitors back year after year with the promise of better leads, better engagement, and more opportunities.

Creating the Connections

There are several services that accompany one-on-one meetings during a trade show, but the most significant is the ability to pre-book meetings. Using an app or other sophisticated event technology, booking one-on-one meetings has never been easier. As an exhibitor, look for features that include the ability to integrate the booking with your calendar and your CRM; allow you to schedule meetings before and after the event, in addition to open times during the event; and gather information about the lead prior to the meeting, such as a customized set of questions they can answer when booking the meeting.

Putting the Power in the Hands of Attendees

Ideally, show managers will partner with third-party companies that offer technology so that attendees can schedule meetings themselves through the event app. Not only does this allow attendees to better justify the cost of attending the event by demonstrating that they’re meeting specific goals, but it takes the pressure off planners who might otherwise have to coordinate meeting schedules.

Increased Engagement Means Better ROI

One-on-one meetings increase engagement between leads and companies; that increased engagement leads to better ROI. Instead of showing up to a large event and aimlessly wandering from booth to booth, attendees can show up with a mission in mind to meet specific exhibitors who offer products and services that align with their own business goals. It’s a win-win.

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