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Exciting News for the Event Industry

We all want desperately to get back to in-person events, which has been reflected in early surveys conducted by organizations like GBTA. There was a surge of people who believed we’d be back in action by mid-2021. And according to the latest PULSE Survey, there is certainly reason to hope. While only 10% of planners are primarily focused on booking new events, this is twice as many as the previous survey. A return to mostly in-person events by the fourth quarter seems far more promising after President Biden’s address to the nation in which he anticipates a “return to normal” by July 4.

More People Are Planning In-Person Events

The GBTA poll in December 2020 revealed the hopefulness people were feeling, and the Security Systems poll showed that about half of the respondents would travel for events. The PULSE Survey confirms that 60% of planners expect to be meeting face-to-face again in the second half of this year; 81% expect to produce live events by the end of 2021. That’s good news for those of us who are ready, if not to shake hands again, then to bump elbows.

Prepare for In-Person, Plan for Hybrid

More than half of the event professionals surveyed by PULSE are at least planning for, or plan to prepare for, hybrid events. Virtual shows were cobbled together last year, as last-ditch efforts to preserve some of what had already been planned in person. For the most part, there was not the time to put together comprehensive, logistically sound virtual events. But virtual shows will dominate this year.

To be successful with your virtual events, you must consider the aspects required for engaging a virtual audience. These events look and feel different from what you would do in-person. The logistics, especially for brands who sponsor virtual conferences, can be extremely complex. Most organizations are working with a reduced workforce. Partnering with a third party to support and facilitate participation in virtual events can make a significant impact on your event ROI.

ExpoVention can help you keep your brand alive as you navigate this challenging time.

From product showcases to brand sponsorships and from posters to podcasts, we can help you remain visible, handling the time-consuming details of every event and making sure you achieve the best ROI possible for your efforts. The second half of 2021 will arrive before we know it, and with it, a significant uptick in in-person events.

If you’re not thinking about how to provide an exceptional, branded experience for your 2022 in-person and virtual attendees, you need to get started. ExpoVention can help – let’s talk.

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