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The Evolving Role of Registration Companies in Pre-Trade Show Prep

registration companies

Registration companies are playing a growing role in helping to create a seamless experience for trade show attendees. These companies leverage the latest advancements in technology to ensure the effort that goes into pre-show registration results in a more convenient, efficient, and productive onsite experience. Let’s take a look at what steps registration companies are taking to optimize the pre-show phase while setting the stage for a successful onsite event.

Online Registration companies and Personalization

Online apps and platforms allow attendees to register for events, select sessions, and provide detailed information well in advance of the trade show. Not only do these virtual options all but eliminate onsite registration queues but they also provide organizers and exhibitors with valuable data in advance, to personalize the experience for attendees, schedule one-on-one meetings, and prepare for the opportunity to connect with potential customers.

Mobile Event Apps

We are well beyond the days of needing printed maps and materials to attend a trade show. Now, with a QR code registration badge and a powerful mobile app at their fingertips, attendees have instant access to everything they need for a great experience onsite. Registration companies are largely responsible for their mobile apps, and the best of them include real-time updates, interactive maps, personalized schedules, and the ability to communicate with other attendees and exhibitors in-app.

QR Codes

The pandemic may no longer be headline news, but gathering in large crowds still leaves some people feeling at risk. As trade shows continue to prioritize health and safety, registration companies are leveraging technology to help ensure that engagement can be contactless. The QR code is one of the ways in which these companies have capitalized on technology. With a simple scan of the code, attendees can gain access to the event, exhibitors can obtain lead generation information that ties back to their CRMs, and the entire check-in process is expedited.

Data for Better Decision Making

Registration companies rely on data analytics to understand attendee behavior and preferences. By analyzing registration data, organizers can identify popular sessions, peak attendance times, and areas of interest. This information helps in optimizing event logistics, ensuring that resources are allocated effectively to enhance the overall onsite experience.

Communication and Engagement

Before the trade show even begins, registration companies begin investing in communication strategies to engage with attendees, from sending pre-event emails that provide important information to sending surveys that solicit gathering preferences.

Registration companies play a key role in helping build excitement and foster engagement, as well as streamlining the entire trade show process. Trade shows are a powerful way to generate leads and build brand recognition, as well as connect and engage with your customers. ExpoVention is here to help ensure you make the most of your efforts.




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