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Trade Show Booth Location Success Strategies

Updated: Feb 5

The July 2023 EXHIBITOR Magazine offered a great feature on trade show booth space selection, with insights from experts in different areas of the industry, some of which I’ve included here. This feature got me to thinking about how important choosing the right location for your trade show booth can be, and these strategies can help ensure maximum visibility and foot traffic.

Know Your Target Audience and Goals

“Do an analysis of each show how it is set up and how the traffic will flow prior to picking a space.” Cindy McCormick, CTSM, associate director, convention marketing, Novo Nordisk Inc.

Before considering your trade show booth location, be sure you have an in-depth understanding of your goals and target audience. Understanding your target audience will help you determine the best location to reach them, because you will know in advance what they want, whether those wants are specific products or services or information or demonstrations. Your goals for the trade show can also inform your location selection. Are you looking to generate leads, make sales, or increase brand awareness?

Know the Trade Show Layout and Floor Plan

"It's not true that you have to be up front/near the entrance. In my experience, people may look beyond your booth if you are right up front." Amy Armstrong CTSM, senior event specialist, Integrated Project Services LLC

An understanding of the overall layout of the event and the location of high-traffic areas can help you determine where you want to be. Look for areas that are at a distance from the entrances, food and beverage stations, or popular attractions. Additionally, consider the layout of the floor plan and how it may impact the flow of attendees. Are there any bottlenecks or congested areas that may hinder the visibility of your booth?

Look for Opportunities to Stand Out with Your Trade Show Booth Location

"If my competitors are the market leader[s], I want a space where people see me before them. If I'm the market leader, I'd rather be the last one they talk to." Marc Shepard, founder, NECC Expos LLC

In a crowded trade show environment, it's important to find ways to stand out from the competition. Look for unique opportunities to make your booth memorable and eye-catching. This could include incorporating interactive elements, such as games or demonstrations, to attract attendees and encourage them to stop by. Use bold and attention-grabbing signage and graphics to make your booth visually appealing.

Final Thoughts

Most of the larger trade shows have a point system that determines the order of booth selection. This point system has the following components:

  • Years of advertising

  • Exhibiting

  • Speaker participation

  • Sponsorship level

While you may have studied the floor plan and are knowledgeable of the attendees, your ability to choose your space may be limited if a point system is being used – which is why what you do with your booth is just as important.

Your events have the potential to reach more people and engage with them more genuinely. ExpoVention can help you make the most of all your events, from evaluating your participation to ensuring your brand visibility. Get in touch.

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